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We Are Sorry For Your Loss

"Parents save money for a Crib not an Urn." No family should ever have to bury or cremate their baby. However, due to the high demand of our service, we will ONLY assist families that contact us within the FIRST month of their loss.

Please fill out the form to request assistance. Please understand that this  foundation is ran by volunteers and we do  our best to reply the same day. 










We only provide financial services for babies that are born in Nevada at any gestation and up the FIRST Year of Life.


If you do not reside in Las Vegas, please click here for a list of other organizations that may be able to help.


A list of other local foundations that may be able to help:

Nevada Chapter of the Unforgettables   

Alicia Renee Foundation

 Angel Name's Association- For any state in the Us!

Message received. We are sorry for your loss.

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