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Support Groups

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Jalen's Gift Support  Group

This group is for families that have experienced the loss of their baby. There are now words to explain such pain. We understand the pain oh too well. You are not alone! Please join us.

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Jalen's Gift En Espanol

Nuestro grupo ofrece apoyo a padres de bebés fallecidos en el embarazo, en el parto o después de nacer. No estas solo. No hay palabras pare explicar el dolor.

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Rainbow Babies Group

This group is for families that are currently pregnant, trying to conceive or have delivered their rainbow baby. Pregnancy after a loss is devastating with a roller coaster of emotions associated with it. Come and join our group to ask for advice and support through this new journey.

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I will carry you!

 This group is for families that were told in their pregnancy that their baby is "Not compatible with Life" but chose to continue with their pregnancy. The journey of not knowing can be devastating and you are not alone.

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Jalen's Gift Nurse's  Group

This group is for our nurses that are there for us during the most devastating times of our lives. There are and will forever be a part of our journey. Nurses grief too and this group is designed to bring the nurses together and to work together as bereavement nurses.

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