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Jalen’s Gift Foundation Kids was established with children’s best interest in mind. The Support Program provides a safe and supportive environment where children grieving the loss of their baby brother or sister can share their experience with others facing the same feelings of loss. The group offers a unique opportunity for children to begin and continue their grief journey.


Jalen’s Gift Kids Group helps children learn to cope with and accept the death of their baby sibling by encouraging them to express their grief through creative outlets. The creative expression projects the children create through drawing , singing, letter writing and painting becomes something tangible into which the children can put their feelings, and also the children participate in family event throughout the year.


If you are interested in becoming a Grief Facilitator or volunteer in another capacity, please call 702-703-4497 or 702-530-1432.

Healing Through Creative Expressions and Fun!

Thank You to Our Wonderful Donors!

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