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Important Facts that no parent should ever have to know: Each states policies vary. This is for Nevada statues only. This is imporant to understand so you know how soon you can bring your baby home.



Loss at 19 weeks and under

If your baby was born under 19 weeks it is considered a miscarriage and therefore you are not required by law to formally buried or cremated your baby. Of course, most familes as early as 14 weeks have contacted us for our services. In this type of situation, no fetal certicate is necessary and creamtion or burial can be done immediatetly. There are a few rare scenerios where this is not the case so please communicate with your funeral counselor.




If your baby was born at 20 weeks or above the baby is considered a stillborn, he or she must, by law, be formally buried or cremated. Before this can take place, the baby’s birth and death or stillbirth must be registered. This process can be very frustating because all you want is you baby to be home ASAP.  The funeral home will need the doctor signatures and cause of death to be able to file the necessary certificate. This process varies on the situation. Please communicate wit the funeral counselor and ask them questions. They are there to help.


Did the baby take a breath?


If your baby took a breath, then a birth and fetal certificate must be generated. This process can oftern be frustrating because it can take a few days or weeks for the funeral home to receive the necessary paperwork to do cremation or burial.


Each family's experience and scenerio is different. This process can take less or more than wo weeks depending on the situation. Please communicate with the funeral home for your personal status.





Memorial Arrangements

Loss at 20 weeks and above

Parents worst Nigtmare

Please know that this process is devastating and a parents worst nightmare. You may feel shocked and numb and feel  like nothing makes sense. Life is still moving on while your life has stopped. Please, when you are going to make the funeral arrangements do not go alone. The drive alone will drive you inside. Although we cannot ease the pain we hope to ease process by providing as much guidance as possible.

Where do I go from here?

If you are still in the hospital, the hospital will ask you to pick a funeral home. We have partnership with Hites Funeral Home but it is your personal choice where you would like to go. The hospital will have you sign an authorization form for the funeral home to pick up the baby's body. Once you leave the hospital and up to going, you will need to call the funeral  home you chose to make an appointment for funeral arrangments. This is where you will need to sign the burial or cremation authorizaton. It is reommended that both parents attend to sign the paperwork.


For a cremation, we will cover the cost of the urn. We have partenship with                                          Please click on picture to choose an urn.


Once you pick an urn follow these steps:


1) Send us the name of the urn


2) Send us what you would like engraved on your urn


3) Please text us the info to 702-530-1432 or email us the info to but talk to us first before send us info.





Resources that may help you: 

Planning your baby's memorial Services


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