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My Precious Jalen passed away on November 27, 2012 due to Strep B. With all of the Love that we have for him it has become our mission to help other families who have experienced the same devastating loss. All that we do, is in you honor JALEN. You are loved.


 My  personal goal is to raise $ 2,000 in honor of Jalen and for all of the families that will lose their baby. This money will help our foundation to continue to offer care packages to all of our hospitals and pay for urns.


Please support my goal! 









Desert Perinatal Associates


Dr. Wilkes- $2,000


Dr. Adashek- $2,000


Silicone Valley- 430.00


Green Valley Insurance Company $300.00


NDL Group Inc- $500.00


Sprinkles- Gift Certificate - $45.00 


Mike B- $1,500.00







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