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To : Robert, my first born son, I got to meet you and say I love you before you got your wings. Those moments I will cherish forever. I can still remember the touch of your hand, the smell of your skin, and your father’s nose. As they took you from my arms all I could think was he’s alone. I screamed out for you but you were gone. I was left with empty arms and a broken heart. John, my second born, I talked to you in my belly. You were my gift from God. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms. I would never hold you. I would never see your little face other than in my dreams. You would get your wings 5 months after we created you. My heart ached but I know your brother was waiting to welcome you. Stephanie, Lorraine, and Salena, I never knew if you were girls but something in my heart told me you were. All 3 of you got your wings before I even got to hear your heartbeats. I prayed for you all every day and each time I heard you were coming. I prayed to keep you safe and please don’t take you to heaven. You all would go without me, leaving me broken and missing you. Ronielle Lorraine, I tried so hard to keep you safe. I laid in the hospital for 2 months trying to be your mommy, but you were too excited and came early anyway. I watched as the doctors helped you to fight to stay with me but then the room stopped. No one was doing anything, your heart stopped. They gave you to your dad as he cried and handed you to me. I kissed your beautiful cheeks. You were so cold. I wrapped you in a blanket to keep you warm but you were already gone. After I lost you I was numb, my heart was closed. I couldn’t live without you but somehow I did, somehow I stumbled through life without you. Jamal and Darnell, in my heart you were my boys. I named you and I still dream of your faces. I still wonder would you be like me or your dad. I prayed for God to bless me with you and he did, even if only for a moment. Ronnie, my youngest, my unexpected bundle. I hadn’t been pregnant in so long. I thought I had the flu for 2 mo nths before your daddy asked me could I be pregnant. He was right a nd I was scared and happy to be your mommy. I talked to you, felt y our kicks, heard your heart, you were going to be my miracle baby. You too came early and got your wings. I had to write something personal to each of you so that you know m ommy never forgot. Each of you are a piece of me. Each of you are l oved. I am who I am because I am your mommy. I know you are all pla ying together in heaven so I know you’re okay. I will see you one d ay and I know I will recognize every one of you.


My angels, I Love You!

From: Regina Johnson

Message: Excited to support you and walk for my nephew



From:Leslie Peppo

Message:Stay strong


From:Simone Gardner 

Message:I love you


From: Aleecha Bland

Message: Looking Forward to walking for your babies and my little Austin Tyler!


From: So Happy to walk beside you




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