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Our Baby's name is Angel Zeydison Poyorena
I miscarried around almost 8 weeks, June 6th 2015 around 12:40 a.m. was the first and last time i would ever hear my little peanuts heart beating, later that night i was back at the hospital because the bleeding and pain had gotten worse then it was earlier, they ran alot more tests on me and asked if they could take another ultrasound but couldnt because of how much pain i was in, hours passed not knowing what would happen and if our baby was doing okay or fighting for his life spending hours crying, praying and waiting for an answer then after 3 and a half hours the doctors came in and gave us the worse news of our lives i would never forget the moment when they told us our baby didnt make it, Its literally one of the most heart breaking feelings in the world, I started blaming everything on myself not knowing how I was going to wake up in the morning knowing my baby is gone, someone who meant the world to me who was a part of me and someone i love having so much plans for in the future then suddenly seeing everything being swept away right infront of you, all i felt was emptiness and drained I cried every single day for 2 months straight Im still trying to accept the fact that our baby has bigger plans and is in better hands and being taken care of. Jalens Gift has helped us alot by giving us a beautiful hand made care package for our baby and letting us be a part of their support group where other moms and dads can grieve without being judged, a safe place that will also help mothers and father with funeral cost and urns for their baby's. This walk really means alot to us because its something to represent all of our angels to show them from above that we will always be their mommies and daddies and be waiting for the day we will be with them again.
Thank You for your support and donations to keep this foundation going to help all of us out there who lost someone so close to them!!

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